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VOICEMAIL SERVICES -- Your "Virtual Receptionist"!


Our state of the art    voicemail services offer you first rate voicemail services that you can customize to your needs. You can customize greetings and separate your voicemail messages by categories that are specific to your needs. All of this can be done at a very cost-effective rate.

Your Unified Toll-Free “ONE NUMBER” service operates 24 hours-a-day, 7- days-a-week.  You select the service that fills your needs… AND FITS YOUR BUDGET!

Your Smart Voicemail takes traditional voice messages a step further.  For starters, the greeting that your callers hear can be as long, or as brief, as you decide it should be.  Next, you decide the time-period to which you will restrict your callers’ messages.  Finally, you can archive your messages – for as long as you want to!  Unlike other voice mail services, YOU are in charge of your voicemail!  

Step 1: Someone calls your Toll-Free ONE-NUMBER. (Or forward your existing lines to your "One-Number")  Your caller leaves a voice message. The length of time allowed for a message is as long as you decide you want your messages to be.


Step 2:  You are immediately notified (by pager/ Cell phone/ PDA/ E-Mail) that you have a message waiting.


Step 3:  You call your One Number, press the # key, enter the security code, or use any Internet connection to log onto your Personal Online Message Center, or open your email and listen to your messages. 

Voicemail messages and fax messages are INSTANTLY copied to ANY e-mail account for future reference.


Take Control of Your Company’s Communications   Higher productivity, lower operating costs, foolproof message delivery.  Finally, a messaging solution that can handle the real demands of today's business environment.

Compare these features from We-Answer-Phones.Com with any other voicemail service... then you decide!

·       Consolidate all of your current telephone numbers, cellular numbers, email addresses,

         paging, fax, and time management calendars into an easy to use “One Number”.

·          Listen to Voice Mail Messages anytime, anywhere.

·          Listen to Email Messages.  

·          Listen to Immediate Messages.

·          Have Fax Messages sent to your email, and be notified of its arrival. 

         No more wasted  paper or toner from "junk" faxes.

·          Messages (voicemails, faxes, e-mails) can be accessed by email, phone, or internet

·          Set up Your Voice Mail Box as an Automated Personal Attendant

         (Press 1 for Jack, 2 for Dawn,  3 for Joe, etc.). 

         Each user will have their own Personal Mailbox and message notification.

·          Your Voice Mailbox provides you with a Virtual Calling Card that is incredibly easy to

         use and which never runs out with minute rates as low as 5-cents.

·          Save time with 1 Button Call Back out of your voicemail box.  Caller ID numbers

         are captured by the  system and stored online with date/ time and call duration.

·          Exclusive "LOCATE ME" feature  allows you to be called at numerous numbers

         simultaneously, and then connects the call to the first one you pick up. 

         You decide... accept the call, or send the caller to voicemail.  You can even

         schedule the time that you would like your calls directed to any of your selected

         numbers.  You can enable or disable this feature at any time, very easily through your

         voicemail box or online message center

·          Service Includes Free Paging to your Alpha pager or Cellular/PCS phone.   

·          Toll-Free  “One Number”,  Free Long Distance Minutes,  Free Email Address

         With Instant  Notification,   Free "Fax to Email" with Instant Notification

·          Message notification can be to a pager, cell phone, PDA, email address or other

         wireless device

Perform office tasks without interruption.  Keep mobile workers connected. Now everyone can get all their messages anytime… anyplace… anywhere.  –telephone, voicemail, fax and email- all from a simple phone call.

At your desk… YOU DECIDE when it’s convenient to accept calls.

While traveling…  No more missed calls or waiting for hours to pick up faxes at the hotel, no more

searching for a place to log on for email.

Remote employees stay as well informed as those at headquarters.  And, mobile workers can ensure they receive immediate notice of urgent messages by notification to their pager, cellular/ PCS phone or by e-mail INSTANTLY when messages come in.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.  Anytime, anywhere access to messages means your customers don't have to wait-even if your workforce is highly mobile or geographically dispersed. We Answer Phones.Com is the only unified communications solution to offer integrated interactive voice response (IVR) and customer call management to help you improve customer service and response time.

  • Increase efficiency.  Managing messages has become a huge drain on employee productivity. Each day, the average office worker handles more than 200 messages in as many as eleven different formats, from sticky note to pager, cell phone to fax. By integrating email, fax and voice messages, We Answer Phones.Com cuts message management time by 50 to 70 percent.

  • Reduce costs.  A single, unified communications system takes less time to manage than three or more separate messaging systems, lowering the cost of administration and support. We Answer Phones.Com also reduces long distance costs with a comprehensive dialing system that routes voice messages and faxes via the Internet instead of the public switched telephone network.

  • Realize a fast ROI.  With We Answer Phones.Com you don't have to wait for a return on your investment: There is NEVER AN EQUIPMENT INVESTMENT!  Just a low monthly service fee. Also. through increases in productivity, lower cost of management and reduced long distance carrier charges, a company can easily gain back the monthly service fee in a matter of days!

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The Possibilities Are Endless!

Telephone,  Voicemail,  Fax,  E-mail…

On-Demand Conference Calling…

all to YOUR  “ONE NUMBER”!


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