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Conference Calling

We Answer Phones.Com and Cognigen Switching Technologies proudly present one of the latest additions in Teleconferencing technology!  Bring everyone together and converse with each other simultaneously over the phone with our conference technology; ... from over 50 countries worldwide!

Low rates on Conference Calling services for business or residential use!

UltraConference 9.8˘/minute conference calling Outstanding on-demand fully automated service available anytime without reservations, enhanced web administration and lots of features. International access from over 30 countries at no additional charge!
CogniConference 9.9˘ per minute rate. CogniConference™ is designed for both business and personal/family use. The system is perfect for board or business meetings or even getting together for the holiday. No reservations necessary!

Ultra Conference is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, Ultra Conference offers one of the broadest arrays of conference calling services to meet your diverse needs. We consistently deliver the value consumers desire and expect with the most sophisticated technology available. We continually streamline and simplify our services to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is critical to the success of our business.


Ultra Conference offers two different calling plans - Per Minute Plan with 9.8˘ per minute anytime with no additional charges in over 30 countries, and the Flat Rate Plan where you can make an unlimited number of calls for one low monthly payment. Many popular features are included in both plans...

All of our solutions at Ultra Conference are easy to learn and easy to use. Toll-Free, Flat-Rate, and Web Conferencing use standard telephone/web-browser commands giving moderators complete control over each aspect of the Conference. Set up permanent codes or onetime use codes for Conferences.

We send out confirmation via email with instructions as soon as the account is active.


There are 2 different plans available - Per Minute Plan - you pay 9.8˘ per minute, and the Flat Rate Plan - you pay a flat monthly fee. Compare side-by-side both calling plans so that you can choose the best plan for you:

Feature Per Minute Flat Rate
Available 24x7 – No Reservations x x
Unlimited Participants x  
Operator Assisted x  
Customer Codes x x
Operator Attended x  
FREE Call Recordings x x
FREE Q&A Program x x
FREE Scheduling of Calls - Great Security x x
LIVE In-Call Web Control: x x
Month to month cancel anytime x x
Mute/Kick callers from web x x
Operator Outdial x  
On-Demand Fully Automated Service x x
International Dial-in x x
Recording playback for missed calls x x
Single use only - stop code sharing x x
Unique per participant (attendance recording etc) x x
International Outdial x  
View all participants on call x x

The We-Answer-Phones Teleconferencing method is easy to use. As the Conference Call Moderator, you will use your We-Answer-Phones Toll-Free "One-Number" to invite your conference attendees to participate.  Ask them to touch-tone a specific "extension number" (a confidential access code that you will provide.)   You... as the moderator and your invited guests simply dial in and they are connected.


  CogniConference™ National Average
Cost Per Leg 9.9˘/min* 25.0˘/min
Number of Legs 16 legs 6 legs
International Access YES NO
Monthly Fee $0.00 $15/month
Web Scheduling YES NO
Online Billing YES NO
Control Costs with your Usage Limit click here  
Billing and Rates - Fine Print Info click here  

*US-48 origination only

CogniConference™ is designed for both business and personal/family use. CogniConference's state of the art system is perfect for board or business meetings or even getting together for the holiday, even if everyone can't afford to travel. Need to talk to your entire family at the same time? Do it over the phone! Have important news to share with your whole family? You have questions, we have the solution -- CogniConference.

How the Usage Limit Works
Your initial usage limit is $100. Whenever your account comes within 90 percent of your limit your CogniConference account is MARKED to be charged. Your credit card will not be charged right away. CST processes credit card charges several times in a day. Payment processing can take up to 8 hours. If you exceed your limit before we can charge your card, your CogniConference account will be temporarily deactivated until payment has been processed successfully. To avoid temporary deactivation we suggest that you increase your CogniConference limit to the estimated monthly usage amount. If your CogniConference account Usage limit is too low you may end up with multiple charges to your credit card for a single month.

How to increase your Usage Limit.
To increase your usage limit above $100 a credit card authorization form is required. Please download, complete and return the signed form to CST. You must already have an active account. So you need to sign up first.

You may then either scan and email the form to Activations@CstNet.ws , direct mail, or fax the signed form to 805-786-2644.
Here is our web link to the form.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Here is our address if you prefer to direct mail the form.
3220 South Higuera Street Suite 103-A
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


The Possibilities Are Endless!

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