How medical summarizing works

As soon as medical records are received, they are generally placed in chronological order (unless you request a summary by provider), Bates stamped and bound.

Medical Records Retrieval is one of the only companies in this field offering medical summaries performed by not only nurses and paralegals, but board certified physicians. Just as important to your bottom line, however, is the fact that these physician-performed medical summaries COST LESS than those currently being offered by paralegals and nurses. Your litigation and your client’s satisfaction are simply too important to put in the hands of a nurse/paralegal when you can have your records reviewed and summarized by a physician for the same (and often significantly less) cost.

John V. Hugill, M.D. oversees our medical summary division and he, himself, performs a great number of medical summaries as required. As a board certified physician for more than 30 years as well as an expert medical/legal consultant, Dr. Hugill possesses not only the necessary medical background, but also over 15 years of legal consulting work. This combination of expertise is unbeatable and not matched by any other company offering similar services.

Whether you choose a paralegal or a physician, a detailed medical summary will be prepared of these records which can be specifically tailored to suit your specific litigation needs. For example, issues relating to specific disease processes can be highlighted, as can any issues relating to potential issues relating to statutes of limitations.

The final summary will be a product to assist you in your litigation as well as a tool which can be utilized by your IME physician to bring attention to areas of other more probable cause.

We cannot stress enough the level of satisfaction our clients have experienced from these summaries. They have revolutionized the way a vast majority of our clients review and defend their cases.

Please call for more information. To view a sample summary in Microsoft Word format, Click Here.

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