How document retrieval operates

As soon as we receive your order, including, for example, a list of treating physicians, our staff will analyze the authorization provided to determine whether it is in compliance with state and federal law. If it is, no other documentation is necessary and our team of professionals will within 24 hours begin the process of sending out requests to the necessary providers. If the authorization is deficient in any manner, you will be immediately contacted and, with your customer representative, a determination can be made as to the best manner to cure the deficiencies. You can take the lead on this or leave it to our team to secure a valid authorization specific for the records you are requesting.

When all records are received, they will be provided in bound form, can be Bates stamped if you so desire, and you will be provided an index of the records provided.

Of course, if you wish, these records (if medical), can be summarized. Read on in Medical Summarizing for more information regarding this service.

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