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The American Red Cross provides assistance to people in need free of charge every single day! Your contribution means a great deal to the organization but even more to the families who rely on the Red Cross to help them through some of the most difficult times of their lives.

With your ongoing support we can continue to keep America strong through our various programs including; Disaster Relief Services, Family Emergency Services, Domestic Preparedness for Bioterrorism, Critical Lifesaving Services, and 24-hour military assistance.

The American Red Cross is not a government agency, we must rely on the generosity of the American public. With your ongoing support, we will continue to be there providing people in crisis relief for today and hope for tomorrow.

Secure credit card donations can be made via any browser supporting the "https" security protocol such as Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, AOL's version 3, Spyglass, and others. If your browser doesn't support https, you will get an error message when trying to access the donation form. Online Donation Form

Donate by Phone

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To donate directly to the Lee County chapter, please call 1-239-278-3401. Have your credit card handy.

You may also call the national Red Cross headquarters and make a contribution to the Lee County chapter. Please mention our name when you call. 

To donate for disaster relief, please mention the Disaster Relief Fund. To call in a donation for international relief, please mention the International Response Fund.

     Donate by Mail

Send a check to:

American Red Cross Lee County Chapter
2516 Colonial Boulevard, Suite 201
Fort Myers, FL  33907

     Send a check to benefit disaster victims.

Make your check out to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and mail to the following address: 

American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, D.C. 20013

     Send a check to help those affected by international crises.

Make your check out to the American Red Cross International Response Fund and mail to the following address: 

American Red Cross International Response Fund
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, D.C. 20013

Donate Stock 

Thank you for your interest in and generous support of the American Red Cross. Electronic delivery of stock shares is the most secure and expedient delivery process available and provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. However, you may also transfer certificates directly. To help you facilitate a gift of stock, please use the following instructions. Or click here and go straight to our Gift Form for an electronic submission. 

     Securities Delivered Electronically 

     The following information will enable your broker to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock: 

     Brokerage:                  Morgan Stanley Dean Witter 
                                        1737 King Street, Suite 100 
                                        Alexandria, VA 22314 
     DTC Number:              0015 
     Account Name:           American Red Cross (Tax ID# 53-0196605) 
     Account Number:        630-038267 

Securities Delivered by Mail 

Mail your unendorsed certificate(s) and stock power, in separate envelopes, by registered mail, to: 

     American Red Cross
     Treasury Operations
     8111 Gatehouse Road
     Falls Church, VA 22042-1203 

A Stock Power Form is provided for your convenience. 

Notification of Donor Intent 

Regardless of the method chosen to deliver a gift of stock, the donor or the transferring broker must provide the following information, for audit and acknowledgment purposes: 

     Donor's name and complete address
     Name and number of securities transferred 
     Specific Red Cross program to which gift should be directed, if any 

You may use the gift form, provide a letter, or send an e-mail to communicate this information at time of transfer to: 

     American Red Cross National Headquarters
     Attn: Gift Planning

     431 18th Street, NW
     Washington, DC, 20006
     Phone: 1.800.797.8022
     Fax: 202.942.2024 

Donate In-Kind Products

The Red Cross is unable to accept small, individual donations or collections of items such as clothing, food or cleaning supplies. The cost to sort, package and distribute these types of donations to a disaster victims is almost always greater than the cost of purchasing the items locally, and it is logistically impossible to distribute a wide variety of individual items in a meaningful way. Because of these cost and logistical concerns, we recommend that you support our community by donating these items to an organization that is equipped to put them to the best possible local use. 

Offers of sizeable, bulk donations are reviewed to determine if they meet a current need for disaster victims that can be addressed by the Red Cross. Bulk donations are typically new, shrink-wrapped and palletized items, and they are transported by the donor. 

If you would like to discuss this type of donation, please contact us directly at (239) 278-3401. 

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