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Accredited Building Consultant’s, Inc. can help you in many ways if you are! We offer many services such as:

  • Owner’s representative for all types of construction

  • Construction Management

  • Pre-contract consulting, cost analysis and feasibility.

  • Review of all construction documents prior to and during construction

  • In Progress inspections during construction for both quality assurance and performance 

  • Cost analysis for all change orders and or credits prior to you signing and approving 

  • Review closing costs

  • Final inspections 

These are just a few of the many services provided by Accredited Building Consultants, Inc.  Allow me to introduce to you more information about our services in the new construction field. 


Accredited Building Consultants, Inc. specializes in new construction inspections. Our inspectors are veterans in the industry with work experience and credentials in the building trades, professional supervision, project management and inspection occupations. We are experienced in all phases and types of construction that are conventional to the Southwest Florida area. 

In today’s market builders are swamped with work and their labor forces are spread thin. Skilled labor is at a premium.  Experienced superintendents are just not available and builders are hiring young inexperienced supervisors. Governmental building inspectors are also at a premium and are taxed daily with far too many inspections to do a proper job of inspecting. Let us put your mind at ease and allow us to inspect the work at a leisurely professional pace to insure your investment is sound. 

We will also assist and guide you along so that your relationship with your builder may be a pleasant one. We will help you understand the language and many of the construction lien laws that you will encounter. We will help you understand the construction practices of the area and help you avoid the pitfalls that sometimes lead to construction litigation. Our services have proven to assist builder’s to be more productive and reach higher levels of quality while cutting down on warranty service calls. Builders that we encounter welcome another pair of professional eyes watching over the project. We like to solve problems not make them. We work closely with builder’s talking their language, on your behalf.

We offer many services related to new construction as mentioned above but out most popular service is our in progress inspection program. We have many customers with larger homes who require up to 12 to 15 inspections but our most popular service is the five-inspection program. Here are six typical inspections that can be performed on your new building prior to construction. If you have already started construction or prefer to pick and choose we can perform any one of these inspections individually.

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  1. Inspection of the foundation: Inspector reviews soil conditions reports, footer and steel placement just prior to the pouring of concrete. (Stem wall construction. only) 

NOTE: In typical concrete construction there are two types of foundations, monolithic which is when the slab and footers are poured all at once or Stem wall construction where there is a footer then block work then the slab is poured. In this typical inspection program there will be either a number one or a number two inspection, not both!

  1. Inspection of the slab: This inspection includes the review of horizontal and vertical steel, wire mesh placements, venting, plumbing and any and all under slab installations for both stem wall construction and monolithic slab systems. 
  2. Inspection of the tie beam steel placements. Prior to the pouring of concrete into the forms, all horizontal and vertical steel placements are reviewed. Comparisons to engineered drawings are evaluated. 
  3. Framing, Electrical, Air Conditioning and Plumbing, known as, “FEPAC”. This is the inspection of all the mechanical and framing systems in the rough stages, window and door installations, roof  sheathing and truss engineering and bracing. This inspection is done prior to the building being insulated and drywall installed. 
  4. In progress installation of the roof coverings. This inspection covers the review of all membranes, flashings, metals and the installation of the final roof covering. 
  5. Pre- Closing final inspection. This is the final inspection of the project. Prior to you closing with your builder and taking possession of the building a thorough inspection of the overall structure and immediate surrounding property is inspected for compliance with accepted building practices and standards of quality and craftsmanship for the area and price range of the product. If you have no experience in the construction process. The final inspection will help ensure that your new building is completed with safety, quality and craftsmanship

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The standards used by Accredited Building Consultants, Inc. are those written by the National Association of Home Builder Performance Guidelines for Builders and Remodelers, latest edition. The Florida Building Code used by the applicable local building department at the time the home is being constructed. The manufacturers suggested installation Manual of any given product and common standards and practices used and accepted in the area. 


Each report is fully written in a narrative format with digital photographs. All deficiencies observed are noted and a copy of the report is faxed or emailed directly to you and or the builder within 12 hours of the site visit. This ensures that there are no construction delays and that the builder can remedy the deficiencies at once.


The intermittent inspections (i.e. 1 thru 5) are billed at $ 300.00 each. The final inspection is billed at $ 600.00 for a typical building up to a $350,000.00 contract price. Five intermittent inspections and a final inspection for a typical home is $ 2,100.00 or just over half of a percentage point of the total price of the building. As you can see this is a small price to pay to have a liaison between you and the builder, a liaison who knows the business and is there to protect you, the consumer.

For buildings over $350,000.00 call for a quote but typically it works out to between one half and three quarters of a percentage point of the contracted price of the building, excluding lot. For condominiums, multi-family and commercial facilities you should call for a quote.

Hourly rates are $ 175.00 per hour including travel time billed in 1/4 hr increments. A refundable retainer of $ 1,000.00 is required at the signing of an agreement between the client and Accredited Building Consultants Inc.

Any re-inspections, telephone conversations, facsimiles and or other correspondence with client or builder or their representatives and or sub-contractors are billed separately on a quarterly hourly basis.

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Accredited Building Consultants, Inc. offers many types of construction related services. 

If you are an absentee owner we can represent you in your construction project. If you are a cash buyer we can do progress inspection reports not only for work performed but also for quality and safety assurances. The company can provide digital photographs downloaded via the Internet to you so that you can monitor your buildings progress.  If you are cash buyer we have several construction and real estate related attorneys working with our firm that have capabilities to escrow funds, for disbursement, to the builder after inspections and all proper legal documents have been completed.

DON’T PAY TWICE FOR THAT SWIMMING POOL. Florida has a complex construction lien law that most people do not understand. We know and understand those laws and we can help protect your interests. You could pay twice for goods and services without proper representation.

DON’T GET CAUGHT IN LITIGATION. We can be a liaison between you and your builder. We can talk their talk all the while representing your financial interests. It’s more cost-effective to hire us during the construction rather than after as an expert witness during any litigation. We understand the industry and what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Pick up the phone or e-mail us today to set up your appointment. Lets get your structure built right the first time!

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