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Dock Information

We have selected two typical designs to show you below.  Just click on the small image to see a blow-up of the dock in question.  For further information on dock selections and design, please contact our sales office at the numbers listed below.

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Simple "L" Dock
(Click for enlargement)

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U-Dock Design
(Click for enlargement)

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Click on the small images to see some existing docks at Bayside Estates

Water Information

The water in the canals of Bayside Estates is brackish. Typical Gulf water is approximately 6% salt (by weight). The water in our canals is less than that and there are several benefits of having brackish water:

  • Atomically will flush your motor after each use which extends the motor life.
  • Constant level of water, not affected by high and low tides.
  • Water and wildlife is more abundant in brackish water. Mangrove and Black Rush foliage surround the parameter of canals which protects our wildlife.

Lock (Lift) Information
  • The lock has a few restrictions which we urge all of our boaters to heed:
  • Boat length limited to 27 foot (LOA)
  • Maximum beam is 9 feet
  • Dry displacement (weight) 5,200 pounds
  • No passengers in the boat as it is moved onto the lift
The locking process - Passengers must not be onboard!

Need additional Information?  Give us a call at the numbers listed below, or navigate to the Contact Us page.

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