North Captiva Island

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Upper Captiva, also known as North Captiva, is located off the southwest coast of Florida about five miles from the mainland. Don't confuse Upper Captiva with Captiva; they are not the same. North of Captiva and Sanibel and south of Cayo Costa and Boca Grand, Upper Captiva is accessible only by boat or private plane.

How do I get to Upper Captiva?

Just an hour from the Southwest Florida International Airport is the Pineland Marina. There you can take a 25 minute water taxi ride to Upper Captiva. Gretchen can arrange the trip for you, according to your preferences and the taxi schedule.

What is the island like?

Upper Captiva is a very special place, though it is not for everyone. If you want the peace and solitude that is offered by an unspoiled barrier island with an abundance of wildlife, then Upper Captiva is for you. If you want to walk, swim, fish or go shelling on miles of pristine and secluded beaches, then Upper Captiva is the place for you. If you don't mind getting around on foot, by bicycle or golf cart -- no cars are on the island -- then you may be happy on Upper Cap.

The island is four miles long and one-half mile wide at its widest point, which is where the private airstrip is located. Over two-thirds of the island's seven hundred acres is protected as a State Wilderness Park. Upper Captiva is a wildlife sanctuary for manatees, loggerhead turtles and over one-hundred species of migratory birds. It's a nature lover's paradise in paradise.

What's on the island

The small island community is concentrated on the northern tip of Upper Captiva. There provisions are available at Barnacle Phil's Trading Post & Restaurant and at the Island Market & Deli, which also serves a limited breakfast. Barnacle Phil's and The Mango Island Cafe serve lunch and dinner. The Hidden Cove Pool Bar boasts a full bar and the cocktail of your choice while the Coconut Connection is the quaint boutique which will satisfy a sudden urge to shop or the need to find a unique gift for someone far away.

What is there to do?

Relax...enjoy the warm/cool breezes off the gulf or the bay. Listen to the soft tinkle of the shells rolling in the surf or the call of a shore bird as it glides through the perfect blue sky. Stoll or bike down paths that remind you that life is a journey, not a destination. Watch the sunrise and, after a day filled with nature's best and life's most fair, watch it set on the other side of the island. If that's not enough, the fishing is simply superb.

What is in the area?

Because Upper Captiva is centrally located in Pine Island Sound, easy excursions to the neighboring islands of Boca Grande, Cabbage Key, Cayo Costa and its sister island, Captiva, are possible. Each of these islands have unique characteristics. You'll soon learn where the fine restaurants, grocery stores and fabulous shops can be found. To get to these islands you can pilot your own or a rental boat, or hire a captain.

A quick boat ride also gets you to the grand 18-hole course of Alden Pines.

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