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If you are curious what makes those swallowing sounds see: 

The Swallow

Upcoming Workshops:


    Date                      Location                                    Topic                    ASHA approved CEU's

  June  27th           St. Louis Mo.                       Cervical Auscultation                       .8

 July   26th           Medina Ohio                         Laboratory Values                            .6


Neil McKaig and Michael Groher


September              Seattle WA.                       Controversy & Solutions In               1.5

  19th & 29th                                                  Adult Dysphagia Management



Pending Workshops:

 July         12th              Indianapolis Ind.                     Laboratory Values                  .6

  August     2nd               Birmingham Ala*                    Cervical Auscultation             .8



    *Note to those in the Birmingham Alabama area there has been a request to provide a second

 day to include laboratory values.   If sufficient interest in generated this workshop may be

 provided on August 3rd, 2003.



Consistency variations are being added to the basic research protocol.  Details will soon be published.  Comments and suggestions are invited.

To Contact:

    phone 239-434-8414


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Description: Cervical Auscultation CA is a low cost adjunct to the bedside assessment for dysphagia.   Although it has broad, and growing acceptance, this site is designed to promote research, discussion and constructive debate regarding this technique.

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