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Qi or Chi is what the Chinese call the life force of the universe. The influences of Chi can be felt from the highest mountain to the deepest oceans. Chi has no boundaries, even through time. Chi is the essence of all things. It is the invisible energy fields that are felt but not seen. This energy effects all of our lives. Feng Shui theories are used to determine the favorable energy in your home and business environment and to harness this energy in order to increase your wealth, health & harmony.  Not only can the theories be applied to increasing the favorable energy (Chi), but they are also applied to suppressing the unfavorable energy and thus you can be protected from loss, sickness and disharmony in your life. While this may seem strange to Westerners, the Eastern culture believes that this energy holds the key to all prosperity, health and harmony in the universe.

We are all born with our own personal Chi. It is determined at the time of our birth. The year in which we are born is vital information to Classical Feng Shui. This formula puts us in one of two categories (East or West life). With this information we can find the compatible energy and arrange it in our environment and use it to improve our relationships. Once we find this Chi, we can then be in harmony with the Universe. 

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