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Within the past few years Feng Shui has become very popular in the United States, but in the translation Feng Shui has lost its traditional approach. Today there are many classes and books on Feng Shui but few espouse the authentic, classical theories, and many of them base their knowledge on the American interpretations of Feng Shui.  These American versions are not recognized in the orient as Feng Shui as they are lacking traditional theories such as the Eight Mansions school (Pa Chai),  Flying stars school (San Yuan) and many more. These formulas originated in China thousands of years ago and they form the classic text; they are the heart and core of what Feng Shui is and that cannot  be changed. 

The Compass School of Feng Shui is based on the concept that each of the eight directions carries itís own energy. The Compass School is very mathematical, using exact degrees of the compass for an accurate evaluation of the environment. The traditional tool, founded in china centuries ago, is called the LO PAN compass.

The LO PAN is used today by traditional Feng Shui practitioners. In traditional Feng Shui we use many methods to evaluate a home or business, but the most widely used method is Eight Mansions (Pa Chai). This formula breaks the house into sections called PALACES.

A second traditional formula that the traditional Feng Shui practitioner uses is called FLYING STARS (San YUAN) and is a time and space system.

With these formulas we can determine the energy (Chi) in each room. These authentic formulas allow us to locate and harness the favorable energies in your home or business and suppress the unfavorable. With this knowledge we bring balance into your environment which leads to better health, prosperity, & harmony. These classical theories are the Authentic Compass School, Feng Shui.

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