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Dear Kelly and Larry-

We want to thank you for our beautiful home. It is proof of your commitment to quality. Both of you made the home-building process extremely easy. Thank you for being so "easy to do business with."

- The Madsen's

Founded by Robert Hammer in 1980, Hammer Construction is now headed by daughter Kelly and her husband Larry Denmark (right).
The goal of Hammer Construction to build homes people will be proud to own, and in the process, change what they think about home builders. For years, Hammer Construction has delivered great homes at a fair price and has been rewarded with repeat and referral business.  Call us and let us build your dream home today...

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Experience is a plus, but we will train the right candidate.
For more information, contact Deena Westberry at (239)573-6391
Hammer Real Estate is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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