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How to Use this Website

As Medical Examiners and Law Enforcement, we all have cases in which the decedent remains unidentified.  Our belief is that, even though the cause and manner of death have been established, these cases are "perpetually pending."  This website was created to provide a central clearinghouse for family, friends or police searching for a missing person. 

Until recently, individuals searching for missing persons have had to contact each individual Medical Examiner's office and Law Enforcement agency to inquire about unidentified decedents.  This website provides a vehicle for any interested party to search the database with the hope that they may recognize a picture, a characteristic or a detail about a decedent.

Carefully read the directions for each field before entering any information.  Understanding how the data is categorized will yield the best results. Next, click on Submit New Case and fill out the appropriate fields.  No additions or subtractions to this database will be visible to the public until your Confirmation Code has been established.  See contact information below to set up a confirmation code so that you may begin to submit cases.

Direct comments, questions and feedback to:
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