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October 01, 2003
A volunteer with the Doe Network contacted the Orange County, Florida Medical Examiner's Office to report that someone listed on matched the information of someone who appeared on the Doe Network's website as a missing person. The information was then forwarded to the detective handling the missing persons case. Positive identification was confirmed after reviewing both sets of fingerprints. The decedent was a victim of a hit and run accident that occurred on November 05, 2001 and had remained unidentified for almost two years, despite all conventional efforts of identification.

January 25, 2004
A woman who often searches missing persons websites came across and noticed similarities between one of the unidentified decedents and an individual listed as missing from Westport, Connecticut. Specifically, the woman noted that both entries of "date last seen" were very close and that the physical descriptions were also similar, although not exact. Nevertheless, she decided to report the finding and notified the Monroe County, Florida Medical Examiner's Office who, in turn, contacted the police in Connecticut. A comparison of the fingerprints allowed the Medical Examiner to identify the man in Florida as the same man who was reported missing from Connecticut. The decedent had been reported missing as of March 24, 2003 from Connecticut. Three days later, on March 27, 2003, EMS transported a man in apparent distress to a hospital in Key West, where he soon died. He was not able to provide any information and did not have any identification on his person at the time of his death. Despite all efforts, he had remained unidentified for almost one year.

August 2004
A volunteer with the Doe Network noticed similarities between a missing person on the National Center for Missing Adults website and a decedent on FLUIDDB.  The volunteer notified the Miami Medical Examiners Office and the investigating police agency.  It was soon confirmed that the missing man was the same individual who was found deceased.  The decedent was a 32 year-old man who had been in the United States for just ten months.  On October 11, 2001, he left to go to a local store in North Miami.  The next day, on October 12, a man was discovered dead in an open field in Miami frequented by the homeless.  The investigator pursued all usual leads and checked with surrounding police agencies, but information about the missing man did not surface at the time.

August 2004
A detective in Florida working a missing persons case from the 1980's came across FLUIDDB and entered information into the database about her case.  She followed through on the list of possibilities that FLUIDDB generated and subsequent DNA testing revealed that one of the entries was the missing person she was searching for. The decedent was the victim of an unsolved homicide, and based upon this identification detectives continued their investigation by re-interviewing all parties in the case. Sufficient evidence was obtained in order to draft an arrest warrant and a suspect was apprehended.

January 2005
Detectives in Misssouri searching for a missing person who disappeared in 1986 came across FLUIDDB in December of 2004. The missing woman had been traveling with another individual and was writing letters to her family indicating stops in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. The last letter to family was postmarked March 1, 1986 and indicated she was heading to Florida. Several months later, an unidentified female was found floating in a pit in Polk County, Florida. The decedent was the victim of a homicide. Detectives, after reviewing this entry on FLUIDDB, submitted fingerprints of the missing female for comparison with the decedent. Positive identification was confirmed after review of both sets of fingerprints. The identification has generated new leads in a once stalled investigation.

July 2005
In November of 2004, a family member searching for two missing uncles came across FLUIDDB and queried the database. The search produced two entries that appeared to match their description perfectly, although the police sketches were off slightly. The two unidentified decedents were discovered in Orange County on the same day in 1987. They were both in the same vehicle and were victims of homicide. DNA analysis completed in July of 2005 confirmed that the decedents were indeed the missing relatives of the searcher. Anthropological analysis completed in 1987 indicated that the individuals were possibly related and they did indeed turn out to be brothers.

October 2005
In October of 2005, a detective in Cleveland, Ohio, searching for an individual who was reported missing in March of 1986, found similiarties with an unidentified decedent listed on FLUIDDB. The decedent was a victim of a homicide in Jacksonville, Florida in November of 1986. After reviewing the information and the available sketch, and contacting the District Four Medical Examiner's Office, the Cleveland detective was able to establish a positive identification.

September 2006
In September of 2006, law enforcement in Orange County searching FLUIDDB came upon an entry that appeared to match the description of a 1997 death.  The identification was confirmed by dental comparison.

September 2006
Also in September of 2006, law enforcement in Orange County found an entry on FLUIDDB that appeared to closely match the description of 1998 death caused by an accidental drug overdose.  The identification was confirmed through fingerprint comparison.

May 2007
In May of 2007, a detective with the Orlando Police Department in Orange County searching for an individual who was reported missing in 1998, came across a potential match on FLUIDDB.  A tentative identification was made based on anthropologic findings and later, a positive identification was confirmed based on those findings and a comparison of DNA with the decedent's living brother.

July 2009
In July of 2009, an individual searching for a missing friend did a Google search of  the name, which resulted in FLUIDDB as the top hit.  The individual retrieved the FLUIDDB entry of a 1986 decedent, where her friend's name was listed as a tentative identification.  Upon opening the available artist's sketch, the individual contacted the Orange County Medical Examiners Office for further confirmation.  The decedent was involved in a motor vehicle accident and died of the resulting injuries.  A positive identification was made based on visual comparison.

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