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Obtaining Records

Autopsy Reports

Anyone may ask for a copy of the autopsy report by contacting the Medical Examiner's Office. Certain exceptions to the public records law exist. Specifically, information is not public record when it involves an active, ongoing police investigation, or when the identity of a victim of child abuse or sexual abuse would be revealed.

The request may also be in writing or you can use our formPlease note there is a fee for a copy of an autopsy report.  Please contact our office at 239-277-5020 for fee information.

Death Certificates

The Medical Examiner's Office does not release or provide death certificates to next-of-kin or the general public. The funeral home or cremation society obtains copies for the family. Additional copies may be obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics of the county where death occurred:


Autopsy Photos 

Autopsy photos are not released without a court order.  Exceptions are: