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Impressionist art at its finest, created in oils and displayed in the exemplary works of Vavrina in his landscapes and still life paintings. Our gallery contains examples of his current works of art and will bring you a sense of the artist as you examine the collection of impressionistic art. Ch. Vavrina is a modern American artist. He uses a vivid palette and bold lines. Vavrina's paintings often feature the architure and landscapes of the area. He brings light into the canvas with strong contrasts in color and lines. Vavrina primarily works in oils, but will mix media for spcial effects, occasionally using a collage technique, and finishing in oil for a bright, polished look. He is best known for his impressionistic landscapes and still lifes. Our other artist, Valtier, uses contrasting blues and yellows; basically naturalistic colors which comprise the characteristics of the impressionistic palette to create a feeling of bedazzlement. Thus, the property of the color, the interaction of colors, as well as their power to create some light, definitely are the basis of Gerard Valtier's works of art.

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