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Charles Laurel Vavrina, a modern American impressionist, has an eclectic style that lends itself to a variety of techniques.  He uses amazing combinations of spontaneous drawing and applications, fresh color and spatial tensions. He is best known for his impressionistic landscapes,  still lifes and seascapes

Vavrina primarily works in oil, but will mix media for special effects, occasionally using a collage technique, and finishing in oil for a bright, polished look.  His bold use of color and powerful forms are trademarks that gather the immediate attention of the viewer. 

He uses a vivid palette and bold lines. Vavrina's paintings more often feature the architecture and the landscape of the area. He brings light into the canvas with strong contrasts in color and lines.

Vavrina's first one-man show was held in Hong Kong in 1989.   His Chinese teacher, Christopher Chen of the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts, said that Vavrina "will be a good impressionist painter.  This is the heart of Vavrina's work - bold, bright and strong."  Gale Bennett, art critic, says that "he has beautiful colors, good organization and composition."  Anton Assies, of the Amsterdam Drawing School, said "Vavrina was a constant source of inspiration for us.  His bold use of color and powerful forms made you feel life is a fairy tale."

He shares a studio in the South of France with the internationally known painter, Gerard Valtier.  Charles Ortega, artist laureate of Florence, Italy, announced that Vavrina had received the Leonardo da Vinci Award for 1991.  In 1993 he was honored as the only American participant among nine French artists in the coveted Salon Abbaye Royale du Moncel, and association for the promotion of French Art.  In 1994 he was recognized by the prestigious Cite de Roma Award.  Vavrina has been admitted to the French Art Guild and is listed in Mayers' International Artist Directly, Annuaire des Cotes International, ADEC 96, Bordas International Financial Art, Akoun 2000 and other international directories.

Born in Wisconsin on September 25, 1928, Vavrina has been involved in art most of his life.  In 1995 Vavrina lost his right leg to diabetes, but it did not trop him from painting. He now spends most of his time painting in his studio in Fort Myers, Florida, except when he travels to France to paint with Gerard Valtier.

Vavrina's work can be found in galleries (see Galleries & Events) throughout the United States, Europe and Hong Kong, where he had a return exhibit at the Academy of Fine Arts.   He has had shows in the United States and Europe.  Recent auction sales have shown his work to be rapidly increasing in value(see Auction Sales). 

Vavrina's Studio is at 2112 Crystal Drive, Fort Myers, Florida 33907 USA.  His telephone number is 239-278-0489.  Fax 941-239-6879 (call first.) E-mail:
Vavrina Home Sale

VAVRINA'S FORMER HOME FOR SALE.  After many years in a spacious, luxury apartment, Vavrina has moved to a lovely new house in South Fort Myers.  He is selling his  2435 square foot condominium, located in The Landings in Fort Myers, Florida.  It has a magnificent water view, all amenities, including golf course, 16 clay tennis courts and docking space for your yacht.  This beautiful apartment is on the fifteenth floor with spectacular views of lakes and the river.  Vavrina art can also be included in the sale.   The building, known as Ariel, has its own tennis courts, swimming pool, billiard room, exercise room and party room.   Ideal for your second or third home. The price is placed at only $285,000 for a quick sale. We will give a free Vavrina painting for a Buyer referral.

Will consider exchange.
Possible Owner Financing

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