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Al Fernandez, designer of West Coast Nets products, is a second generation cast net builder. He learned the trade from his father, who owned and operated his own cast net manufacturing company since 1963. “The Cast Net Maker” was based in Miami, Florida and in the early 1970’s was the largest American manufacturer of cast nets in the country, selling to such stores as Sears, K Mart and many large wholesale distribution houses.

Growing up Al worked in his father’s shop learning all aspects of the industry from cutting netting, to hanging lead lines. When his father passed away in 1990 Al returned to the business and began to manufacture a six panel gore construction cast net. Today it is known as West Coast Nets. The uniqueness of Al’s lead lines has set the quality of his net apart from others. What he has coined as “a double sewn nylon braided lead line” adds longevity to the normal wear and tear of a cast net. Thus, making his West Coast Net very popular among charter captains and commercial fishermen alike.

Al has also taken on a personal crusade to instruct people on the art of cast netting as well as the advantages of “Live Bait Fishing”. His video, Guide to Basic Cast Netting instructs people on two basic loading techniques. The name of the video came about because Al feels that many people have turned away from basic techniques, which in turn has made throwing a net a more difficult task for anglers. To quote Al, “I feel that if you follow the proper technique and learn to create momentum, centrifugal force and allow the net to do what it is physically designed to do, you will find that you will be more successful in getting those desired “pancake” throws.

His coined ”Triple Load Method” of throwing a cast net has become popular because of the ease with which the angler can throw the net, regardless of his experience. He’s been challenged by writers and critics alike on his ability to teach people who have never used a net, to open perfect circles within five minutes of instruction. For his skills in cast netting and teaching methods he has been written up in various industry publications and newspapers around the country: Motor Boat and Sailing, Gulf Coast Angler, Field and Streams, USA Today, The Miami Herald, West Palm Beach Post and the The News-Press to name a few.

He is currently a member of the Wendy’s Hydra-Sports Fishing Team. Al hosts various seminars through out the country at major boat shows in New York, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Florida. He also conducts seminars at fishing clubs, tournaments, dealer events and children’s clinics.

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