What began as a way to earn extra Christmas money has turned into a full time love and avocation for Jim and Shelia Thompson. Shelia spends hours researching historical homes and public buildings, personally selecting the "lucky" few to be released as a Shelia's Collectible. Shelia draws inspiration from her meticulous research, and in turn creates award winning one-of-a-kind designs. Judge for yourself and see why Shelia's Collectibles is on the forefront of the collectible industry, setting trends with innovative new product releases and artistic designs unequaled in value, appeal and quality.

Started in a small artisan workshop in the 50's, Lladró has become one of the most well know creators of porcelain figures in the world.


A highly popular collectible company featuring the Treasure Jests, Picturesque, Netsuke, and Harmony Garden collections.




Discover the world of Disney through their Art Classics collection. Take a trip back in time to some of the most memorable Disney moments. © 2000, All Rights Reserved
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