"We Three Hounds of Orient Are" - To be sung to the tune of "We Three Kings of Orient Are"

We three hounds of Orient are,
Coursing game we traverse afar,
O're we sally hill and valley
Sighting game from afar.

Hounds of wonder, hounds of flight,
Hounds with vision keen of sight,
Proud and loyal, prized by royals,
And by those of lesser might.

Afghan Hound is what I am named,
For my glorious coat I am famed,
Friend to shepherds, foe to leopards,
King of dogs I'm proclaimed!


I'm Saluki, Afghan's close kin,
From the dawn of time I begin,
Fringed or smooth, with lightning moves,
Of Persian origin.


Pharoah Hound is last of these three,
Tombs of kings give testimony,
Timeless gaze, reflecting days
Of pure antiquity.


-- Lesley L. Peterson

Happy holidays to all!