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Welcome to the Greater Fort Myers Dog Club website!

General Information

***We have a show coming up May 19th and 20th, Show Info .

****NSDTR Supported Entry****

***Rally Obediance*** 

At this time we are not offering any Conformation or Obediance Training classes.

*We have our meetings the 1st Monday of each month at Lin's Chinese Buffet on Cleveland Ave. at 7:30 p.m. the general public is welcome.

*We give two All-Breed dog shows in May. In conjunction with the Saturday show, an all-breed match is held approximately 1 hour after Best In Show competition. These shows offer the public an opportunity to see a wide variety of breeds and talk to breeders participating in both obedience and conformation.

*We also have an awards night set aside to honor those club members who have achieved honors in conformation and obedience.

*Please call 239-945-2776 for info.

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