Salt Water Irrigation: A New Concept in Water Conservation

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EnviroTurf LC: Innovators in the Development and Management of Saline Golf and Landscape Projects Including the Use of Salt Water Directly for Irrigation

Developers of fine-textured halophytic turfgrasses

Our Turfs are . . .
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Superior to Fresh Water Turfs
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Salt-tolerant
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Fine Textured
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) View salt water irrigated putting green (Click Here)

For a quick assessment of potential water cost savings for your proposed golf/landscape development, please click here to go to our Questionnaire.

Our Services . . .
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Consulting Services
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Golf Course Management Consulting
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Site Evaluation


Salt water irrigated Caribbean Course managed by ET

Solutions for

pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Condominiums
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Home lawns
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Golf courses
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Beach fronts
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Dune stabilization
pin_gr.gif (1016 bytes) Sports Fields

washedsod.jpg (25743 bytes)
This washed (soil-less) sod shows the extensive rhizome development of our seashore paspalum turf.  

EnviroTurf, LC
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