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Let Editors On Call check your material one last time before it is sent to the printer, a client, or published live on the internet. You will be amazed at how many spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and inconsistencies a fresh pair of eyes can pick up. During the proofreading process, we can also review content for dynamic impact, form, and purpose. This leads us to...


Your text can be rewritten so that it's error free and easy to understand. Editing can transform even the most difficult passages into concise, readable prose. By using electronic mail or conventional means you can send documents that might need improvement. Your documents will be reviewed; we'll rewrite parts if necessary, then send them back to you with any changes clearly marked.

At Editors on Call, can also review your websites and intranet content from across the internet. Simply send the details of an appropriate server and we'll log in remotely.


If you don't want to write your own material, then you can simply let us do it for you. We've worked for top media organizations and excelled at the highest levels of academia, and can deliver succinct and interesting copy across a full range of materials, on any topic. Writing, communicating across all forms of media, is something we love to do, so why not let us do what comes naturally to make certain your business needs are fully met?

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