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Dante, son of Nixe and Ken

Astro Xena's son at 6 months

Deoji daughter of Xena & Ken

Xena Tracking

Hello, what would you like?
photo6.jpg (32487 bytes)
A summer swim

Look Out!

Move, I dare ya!
jumper.jpg (40819 bytes)
Great jump!
training_in_germany.jpg (44816 bytes)
Training in Germany Uras working

My own couch

Nixe at 6 months

Nixe Tracking at 6 months


Sleeve work
Xena daughter Arla & grand kids

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Nap time

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Alert and ready

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Play time

photo7.jpg (33223 bytes)
Tug of war

photo12.jpg (30362 bytes)
Supper time

photo8.jpg (27792 bytes)
Whew, we're tired!

Attack! He has the food
boy_this_is.jpg (53950 bytes)
Boy, this is a big world
daughter_of_xena.jpg (31502 bytes)
Daughter of Xena & Wolfe
david_and_golith.jpg (37956 bytes)
David & Golith
i_fit_in_here.jpg (48553 bytes)
I fit in here last week!
rough_day.jpg (36445 bytes)
Rough day at the office
son_of_xena.jpg (33238 bytes)
Son of Xena & Wolfe
whats_uuuppp.jpg (50530 bytes)
What's uuuuuupp?
where_is_mama.jpg (37045 bytes)
Where is mama?
where_to.jpg (48366 bytes)
Where to?

Dante son of Nixe & Ken
xena_puppy.jpg (35010 bytes)
Xena puppy at 7 months!!!

Don't bother me

Hey, Look at Me!

What do you want?
Xena at 4 months

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