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Web Sites for the Small Business

Your business web site will give you the opportunity to tell the world of your products or  services. It will give your customers round the clock access to information about your business.   A web site is less expensive than newspaper, magazine, radio or TV advertising. Your competitors are already on the Web.  For a small investment you can compete with companies many times your size.  People are becoming more attuned to the Web and they are taking advantage of the services available to them on the Internet. 

Already have a website and you don't feel it is bringing in enough business? Let us analyze your site for its Search Engine appeal and make recommendations for improvement. Our Search Engine Optimization service is reasonable and gets results!

 Lade's Internet Service provides:

  • Affordable web sites for the small business person

  • Prompt maintenance

  • Marketing of your site for more visibility

  • Activity report generation services

If you are ready to move into this exciting new wave of the future give us a call today or click the "Contact Us" button on the left.  We'll respond to your request immediately and do all we can to bring you and your business up to speed. To view some of our designs, please click here. We have listed many of our sites for your inspection.

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