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AMTA (American Monster Truck Association)

The American Monster Truck Association (AMTA) is a Florida, USA based organization formed in 1996, by Rev Prochnow. AMTA is one of the fastest growing Motorsports Entertainment organizations today. Its primary objective is Motorsports Entertainment with an extreme emphasis on Monster Trucks.

The AMTA office is headed by Rev Prochnow, and there's a full staff from across the USA who handle the field and site operations. All together, they bring a combined total of 43 years of experience in the field of Motorsports Entertainment and Monster Truck Racing.

AMTA averages 85 events per year. Several very popular events over the past several months have been WWF related. Just to name a few--

• The taped-live RAW event in Grand Rapids, Michigan

• The live taping of the Roseanne show using the Sable Monster Truck, witih live appearances with Steve Austin in Georgia, New York, Texas, Florida, and Kentucky, where the WWF Stone Cold Austin Monster Truck was used, plus the WWF Rock Monster Truck "Laying the smack down!"

• And now the Big Red WWF Kane Monster Truck along with hundreds of other Monster Trucks including Bigfoot Bearfoot, Monster Patrol, and other Motorsport performers

(All have been a huge success). Besides working throughout the United States, the AMTA also works outside of the US in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, the Caribbean, South America, and more to come.

The AMTA Staff is dedicated to organizing and producing the most entertaining Motorsports events in the Motorsports entertainment industry, raising the standards of Monster Trucks, their drivers and crew, and increasing the awareness of Monster Truck marketability, in general.

AMTA, Rev and his staff, are dedicated to the best of Monster Motorsport Entertainment. It's show biz for fans of Monster Truck events the world over. We thank the fans who participate and show their support and enthusiasm for this unique form of Motorsport Entertainment.


It's "Monster Truckin'" with an Attitude!  


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