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We Transport Automobiles between the Midwest and Florida

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American Transport is a small, family owned business that takes pride in each job we take on. We have been transporting cars since 1990. We specialize in the seasonal transporting of snow birds. Vehicles are picked up at your door and delivered to the door of your destination. We deliver to airports so that your vehicle is waiting when you arrive at your destination. Your car is transported on modern seven car trailers with no mileage put on the vehicle. We have modern trucks with pictures included of American Transport on the job in sunny Florida. The driver's for American Transport are hand picked and are regularly family members. American transport is licensed, insured, and bonded to transport your vehicles with the utmost in safety.


Snowbirds are customers who travel between Florida and the Midwest with the seasons taking advantage of the cool Midwestern summers and the beautiful Florida winter season. American Transport will never broker (assign to another transporter) your vehicle without your permission. We transport to Florida weekly and have a limited number of spots each week. Your vehicle will be transported on an American Transport truck with an American Transport driver. Each driver is equipped with a cell phone so that you may have direct contact with the driver at any time. The location and estimated time of arrival of your vehicle is never in doubt. American Transport allows luggage to be placed in your vehicle. This allows snowbirds to bring personal items they could not otherwise carry on an airplane. American Transport has the only delivery guarantee in the business! We guarantee your vehicle will be delivered to your destination in five (5) days or less from the day we picked it up or your next transport is free of charge. Please call and compare. In fact, delivery is regularly made in less than five days, but never more than five days. American Transport can make this guarantee because we control the delivery as only our trucks and drivers are involved. Personal service is our calling card. We cater to one customer at a time. Once a customer, always a friend.


American Transport is a small family owned business. Russ Cowper is the President. You will see our President loading and unloading your cars on a weekly basis as he travels with the drivers to make sure of our service. Devenia Cowper is the friendly voice in the Dispatch Office. Devenia's mission is to make your transport plans as stress-free as possible. The excited voices you may hear when telephoning the dispatch office are future stock holders, Shane Cowper (6), Courtney Anna Cowper (5), and Kiani Cowper (4). Devenia is in charge of home schooling our three children as well as the dispatch office. One of our transporters is captained by Fred and Rhonda Konzelmann. Fred is new to our company, but has been a member of the family for fifteen years. Lowell and Denise Ambs operate another transporter. Lowell has been a family friend for nearly a decade and is a member of the family in everything but name. They will provide a smooth transport of your vehicle.

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American Transport
P.O. Box 1420
Dunnellon FL 34430-1420
Local: 352-795-2110
Fax: 352-795-1165

E-Mail: AmericanTrans1@aol.com

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